Killing Energy at Its Finest (Richmond, BC Canada)

In Chinese, ‘Sat’ agency to kill. Some alarm it ‘shar chi.’ Some alarm it ‘sat hei.’ Whatever appellation is used, it absolutely has abrogating connotations, which about beggarly ‘killing energy.’ So how do we ascertain this alleged ‘killing energy’ in a Feng Shui perspective? For this, we about-face to Richmond’s Canada line. Richmond’s Canada Band commenced operations on August 17, 2009, a alteration arrangement abutting both Richmond Centre and the airport (YVR) to Downtown Vancouver. Anytime back its architecture and completion, abounding businesses accept been affected. From a Feng Shui point of view, the Canada Band traveling through No.3 Alley is like a knife acid appropriate through the affection of Richmond, appropriately the appellation ‘killing energy’. Abounding businesses alternating No. 3 alley are destined for a alteration or accident of customers. Some of the affidavit abaft the ‘killing energy’ is because it is harder to accept activity acclimatized if the Skytrain knives appropriate through businesses and of advance their affairs as well.

The furnishings of this ‘killing energy’ has just amorphous and will abide to aching businesses alternating No. 3 road. The a lot of contempo blow was Milestones, a restaurant alternation that has been amid on No. 3 and Westminster for abounding years afresh bankrupt its operations on October 31, 2009. The restaurant has been there for 15 years but has begin it difficult to advance the restaurant due to a abridgement in barter anytime back the architecture of the Canada Line. If you accept anytime been central of Milestones above-mentioned to its closure, you will be able to apprehension the Skytrain casual through the restaurant’s windows appropriate at eye level. The activity is afflictive and a little bit unsettling. For those who don’t accept in Feng Shui, you can aswell abject this aloft feeling. Whatever does not feel appropriate can aswell be advised as Feng Shui.

As one drives through the capital alley of Richmond today, added business failures and closures are witnessed on both abandon of the road. Another contempo blow is Petcetera. Unfortunately, the account goes on and on and this will abide to be the trend. From a antidote standpoint there is not abundant you can do about it abreast from putting up plants in foreground of the offices to awning up the ‘killing energy’. Businesses amid beneath the skytrain will feel alien pressures from the abuse band up aloft while businesses at the aforementioned akin as the skytrain will feel activity barrel away. Businesses or association who are amid a few floors aloft the abuse band would not alone feel their legs taken out which is alleged ‘cutting leg’ energy, but also, activity is getting ‘dragged’ away, a archetypal bearings of affairs qi.

If one decides to accessible up a business, accede something that is appropriate area humans have to crave the services, for example, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Physicians, Pharmacies, Dentists, and so forth. Another advantage is that it has to be an abstraction or business that differentiates itself from the blow of the pack. In Chinese, we alarm these businesses ‘Underdog businesses’.

It will be absorbing to see what will appear to businesses and how companies will transform themselves in adjustment to survive this ‘killing energy’ in the next few years. The best advantage for the businesses amid alternating No.3 alley is to backpack to a altered allotment of Richmond. Relocating two blocks abroad from the Canada Band would be the best band-aid as their approved barter can abide their activities with the aforementioned companies after any inconveniences.